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The services we provide at First Alliance Healthcare will support each consumer’s right to choice, build on strengths, exist in a natural environment, and advance the consumer’s sense of worth, personal dignity, and recovery. Our consumers have a right to timely and appropriate services, supplied by competent employees who have specialized knowledge/skill and training in the treatment of Mental Health and Substance Use treatment and recovery.
The services we provide include:
  • A diagnostic evaluation to determine medical necessity for services;
  • Treatment planning based on consumer strengths and needs;
  • Counseling and therapy services where the focus is on achieving treatment objectives related to alcohol and other substances, or mental health and/or emotional disturbance;
  • Developing and providing goal-directed, solution-focused interventions and emotional and behavioral management drawn from evidence-based psychotherapeutic treatments;
  • Case Management services to assist and support consumers in gaining access to needed medical, social, educational, and other services essential to meeting basic human needs. (OAC 5122-29-13, 5160-27-08)
    • crisis Intervention services, including prevention and amelioration; i.e. identifying triggers that could result in a potential crisis, developing a crisis management plan, etc.
    • training for use and linking to community resources, i.e. foodbanks, clothing pantries, community collaboratives, etc.;
    • assisting with financial assistance, housing assistance, vocational services, medical services, etc.;
    • assisting consumers in becoming involved with self-help groups;
    • assisting individuals in increasing social support networks with family members, friends, and/or organizations;
    • assisting consumers in performing daily activities;
    • coordinating criminal justice services;
    • restoring, rehabilitating, and supporting social and interpersonal skills to enhance promote effective functioning in home, school, work, and in the community; i.e. developing coping strategies, enhancing personal relationships
    • restoring, rehabilitating and supporting daily functioning to improve self-management, i.e. money management, self-care, using community resources
    • contacting and coordinating with collateral contacts (family members, teachers, doctors, other individuals) to gain insight into treatment and to provide additional support for the consumer
  • Psychiatric and Medication Management services

Person-Centered Philosophy

Person-centered thinking is a philosophy behind service provision that supports positive control and self-direction of people’s own lives. First Alliance Healthcare of Ohio implements its person-centered philosophy through training sessions and other agency wide initiatives.

Teaching and supporting the use of person-centered thinking skills means that it is more likely that service plans will be used and acted on, that updating service plans will occur “naturally,” needing less effort and time, and that the person’s ability to lead a fulfilling, independent life is maximized.

Training sessions offered have focused on participants’ acquisition of basic person-centered thinking skills, such as:

  • The importance of being listened to and the effects of having no positive control.
  • The role of daily rituals and routines.
  • How to discover what is important to people.
  • How to respectfully address significant issues of health or safety while supporting choice.
  • How to develop goals that help people get more of what is important to them while addressing issues of health and safety.
  • The training in person centered thinking is required for all staff regardless of their role.
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The basis of Wellness






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With High-End Equipment


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Accurate Results